Acupuncture, Nutrition, Naturopathy

Jenni is a fully qualified and licensed acupuncturist and a member of the British Acupuncture Council. She is also a qualified nutritionist, naturopath, counsellor and yoga teacher.
Like the rest of the Phoenix Team, a sports background has brought a personal understanding of performance and rehabilitation. Jenni believes that the road to recovery begins by enabling the body to rediscover its innate ability to self-heal, and that every person is unique in this respect.
In clinic, Jenni treats a wide range of imbalances – injury treatment and recovery, developing strategies to deal with stress, anxiety and depression, insomnia, hormone regulation, gut health – to name a few. The combination of using acupuncture with other modalities, when appropriate, allows flexibility to achieve results in treating a variety of complaints. These can range from the purely physical to the more mental/emotional too.
Jenni likes to empower her patients to be part of their own healing journey. Through Holistic Health Coaching, she offers her clients a way to make supported and considered changes to achieve long term health and vitality.