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Rise from the ashes with Phoenix Osteopathy in Wandsworth. A team of Osteopaths and other therapists all equipped to help you manage your pain & injuries. 

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We provide caring and empathetic treatment to families, enabling them to function at their best. Our team want to help you and your family be your best; be that for valued daily activities or achieving sporting excellence.

What we do


Overcome back pain, sciatica, headaches, often during your first session, thanks to expert targeted manipulations.

Paediatric Osteopathy

A case history and assessment of newborns and infants, to determine the contributing and causing factors of their symptoms. 


Combat pain, restore balance and vitality thanks to the use of traditional needles. It is totally pain free!

Custom Orthotics

Our foot-scans are conducted on a pressure plate.  We are able to produce custom orthotics for a broad range of purposes.

Women's Health

Following childbirth, regain your body’s strength and health thanks to our bespoke rehabilitation programme. 

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy comes with a variety of physical, mental and emotional changes, our pregnancy massages are tailored specifically to you and the stage of your pregnancy.


Get to the bottom of injuries and pain. Assessment, diagnoses, treatment and rehabliiation. 

Sports Massage

Prevent injuries, improve your performances and recover faster to remain at the top of your form.

what our patient's think

Yandi Deng
Yandi Deng
November 14, 2022.
Sam conducted a Mummy MOT with me. The assessmemt was comprehensive and professional. Her advice was insightful and provides me with the confidence for recovery. I couldn't recommend more her service to any mums going through postpartum recovery.
Todd Pannell
Todd Pannell
September 14, 2022.
I visited George at phoenix for a set of orthotics, the whole diagnosis, fitting and after care has been outstanding. They use some cool technology to really ensure your getting the product you need and I have already recommended to others to get booked in.
Charles Stottor
Charles Stottor
August 29, 2022.
I’ve been using my orthotics for over 6 months now and they have been revelation. My SI joint would give me a lot of pain after and during any physical activity. George was fantastic in identifying my problem and supplying me with my own personal orthotic. So impressed with his service and how high tech all his equipment was. Couldn't recommended enough
Becky Hewitt
Becky Hewitt
August 5, 2022.
Emma is an amazing osteopath. Incredibly knowledgeable, kind and supportive - I’ve made huge improvements under her care.
Suzie Clarke
Suzie Clarke
July 20, 2022.
I have attended for two separate issues and have been really impressed with the knowledge, skill and professionalism of both clinicians. Would highly recommend to anyone in need of their wide range of services.
Katie Goring
Katie Goring
July 19, 2022.
I could not recommend Sam more highly. She has made such a difference to a 4 year long issue in just 4 weeks. She's unbelievably professional while also being excellent company and puts you immediately at ease. Don't delay in booking her in. I'm so relieved I found her and will continue to use her remotely from abroad.
Rob Hervais-Adelman
Rob Hervais-Adelman
July 17, 2022.
I've has some really beneficial treatments with George who has been helping me through lower back pain. He's very friendly and professional and our sessions have made a big difference.
Nicolette Clunie
Nicolette Clunie
July 11, 2022.
Excellent service from Sam and George and the team at Phoenix Osteopathy. They have helped me tremendously with shoulder pain by suggesting stretches that have been easily incorporated into my daily routine and they have been excellent with my children's sports injuries for several years now.
Helen Russell
Helen Russell
June 16, 2022.
I first met Danny as a tutor at the UCO clinic where I am training to be an osteopath. I asked him to be my osteopath because I respected and admired his attitude to blending the latest osteopathic research with his psychology training. As my osteopath, I’m really impressed with Danny’s consistently positive and honest dialogue with me. Diagnoses, treatments and prognoses becomes a shared discussion and I like that my views and attitudes contribute to a plan we both decide. I think his approach, honesty with shared decision making, has really contributed to my progress as a patient and as a novice osteopath. I highly recommend him as an osteopath.
Emily Fernandes
Emily Fernandes
May 14, 2022.
Had a thorough Mummy MOT with Samantha Berman, with follow up exercises for me to continue to build my strength at home. Would highly recommend to any mum.

Meet our incredible team

Osteopath Wandsworth | Sports Massage Wandsworth | Acupuncture Wandsworth 

George Dimitriadis Osteopath, Wandsworth, Tooting, Clapham, Balham,

George Dimitriadis

Principal Osteopath

Amy Dimitriadis, Osteopath Wandsworth, Balham, Tooting, Clapham


Principle Osteopath

Profile Danny Miller Osteopath, chronic pain



Sam Berman, Osteopath and Mummy MOT therapist Wandsworth, Balham,

Samantha Berman


Laura Morantin Osteopath Wandsworth, cranial osteopathy, balham, french

Laura Morantin


Margherita Piastri Osteopath, Wandsworth, Balham, paediatric

Margherita Piastri


Nadine Smith Osteopath Wandsworth, Balham, Tooting

Nadine Smith


Wandsworth Physiotherapy Practitioner



Jenni Herbert Acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wandsworth, Balham, Tooting, Clapham,



Team Member Danielle Tysall-Blay, Sports Massage, Clapham, Wandsworth, Tooting, Balham, Sports Injury, pregnancy massage

Danielle Tysall-Blay

Massage Therapist

How we get the best results for our patients

All our initial consultations include a full case history. This enables us to get to the root cause of your pain and identify  factors around your life which may impact this. 

Examination consists of identify painful tissue through touch, range of motion assessment & any specific orthopaedic & clinical testing that is required. 

All our treatments aim to reduce pain, improve self efficacy and educate. Every treatment plan is different and will be completely tailored to you. 

Following treatment we will provide you with a rehabilitation plan to enhance results. This will help both manage pain and prevent any future flare ups. 

What we stand for

Our core values at Phoenix Osteopathy

We will support you throughout your journey to pain-free living. Providing regular check-ins, lifestyle advice and tailored treatments. 

All of our clinicians are highly qualified in their relevant fields & undertake regular professional development programs.

We are a family run clinic and are able to help with every member of your family with their health and wellbeing needs.

Our goal as a clinic is to restore health to each and everyone of our patients. 

Our clinic strives for excellence. From hiring new clinicians to day to day results with our patients 

Education is a large part of our ethos. We want to teach how to manage pain long term. 

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