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Expert Sports Massage In Wandsworth

Sports massage is known as the management, adjustment and rehabilitation of the bodies’ soft tissues. It works with the bodies’ muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia with general massage stokes, deep specific work, stretching, trigger pointing and muscle energy techniques.
As a therapy it is used by the elite sportsman or woman right through to those who train on a more casual basis.
It’s a useful part of training as it:

The Benefits Of Sports Massage

The benefits of sports massage tend to be cumulative, as regular treatments allow you to train to your full potential and recover optimally. It’s also useful for those who suffer with stress and tension, or in conjunction with other treatment as a form of rehabilitation for strains, sprains or even post-operative patients.

Sports Massage FAQ's

You can exercise after a sports massage, but do let us know your training intentions at the appointment. If you’ve got a couple of days recovery planned, or exercise planned that day.

We’ll discuss what you’d like us to work on in the appointment. Activity plans could be a difference between a bread applicator deep tissue flush, vs a narrow point of pressure and much deeper work into the tissue which may lead to some soreness.

Sports massage is generally considered safe. Many facilities will refuse treatment to those in there first trimester because of the increased risks of miscarriage associated with the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Do to circulatory changes there is some increased risk of DVT, and so deep tissue work in the legs is generally avoided.

One can have deeper work done to the back and neck, however positioning becomes imports are pregnancy progresses, with patients needing to lye on their sides.

There are some areas of the body and the more tender than others. Whilst sports massage to involve some deeper pressure, and some areas uncomfortable, the patient does need to be able to relax into the pressure otherwise it becomes a little counter productive. You shouldn’t be holding your breath and praying for the end of the session.

Many studies actually report that sports massage doesn’t directly impact performance. Others show a short term improvement to flexibility. Studies have suggested massage helps identify issues that can then be action with an aim to prevent an injury.

A sports massage can improve circulation to an area, due to the firm pressures, it can reduce stress levels, and patients often report feeling looser, and more relaxed post session.

Sports massage can help complement other therapies by improving flexibility and range of motion, reducing stress and preventing injuries whilst promoting good sleep and relaxation.

Sports massage is though tot help increase blood flow, release endorphins, help muscle relaxation and reduce cortisol levels,

It can help activate the parasympathetic nervous system and help improve sleep quality.

A sports massage can vary in length, we offer 30, 45 and 60 minute appointments. A 30 minute sports massage is normally adequate for a half body. A 45 minutes sports massage could generously work through a half body, or more swiftly through a whole body. A 60 minute sports massage is adequate for a full body work through.

Sports massage available with us at Phoenix Osteopathy, in Wandsworth Common range from £52.00 to £72.00 depending on the length of massage.

We can offer discounts on 5 and 10 pack massage bundles.

This varies from person to person. A sports massage is a great compliment to both regular training activities, and increased training loads aiming towards an event like a marathon.

Though it’s not just for the active we treat many with tight muscles from long hours of desk work and travel too.

Some visit us twice a week, others once a week to others once a month.

Stay hydrated, bring some shorts, let us know your therapist know of any medical history , allergies and concerns.

Sports massage can help lower back pain in some instances. There are a number of reasons that could cause lower back pain. If muscular, clients have reported feeling, looser, more mobile, and less achy after a sports massage.

A sports massage has been reported to help improve blood flow, break down muscular adhesion, improve flexibility, help sleep, relaxation and reduce stress.

A pair of loose fitting shorts allows us to treat all the leg muscles.

If treating the upper body, shirtless for the men. For women, sports bras are a little harder to work around and often limit access to the spine between the shoulder blade. A regular bra is helpful as it can be unclipped and clipped as necessary.

We also cover any part of the body we aren’t working on with a towel.

Sports massage can generally be conducted with more focus towards a particular injury or complaint. Therapists have further training on techniques, stretches, common sporting injuries, muscles and tendons injuries. A sports massage may be found in a clinical setting with deep tissue more likely in a spa environment.

If you’ve found out site, you likely live in South West London, and relatively close to Wandsworth Common, Balham and Clapham. We see most of our patients from SW11, SW12, SW17 and SW18 as well as further afield.