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Struggling with lower back pain, sciatica or arthritis?

Whatever might be holding you back this summer, contact our friendly team for effective treatment plans.

Phoenix Osteopathy helps treat a range of conditions at our clinic in Wandsworth. That includes sports massages, physiotherapy and acupuncture.

People need pain management at many different times in their lives. Here at Phoenix Osteopathy, we love keeping all members of your family in optimal health. Our team wants you to make the most of life, whether it’s through participating in daily activities or competing in sports.

Sports massages are great for preventing injuries, improving your performance and recovery faster.

Osteopathy In Wandsworth

We often deliver this type of massage in Wandsworth as part of someone’s training. Because it improves your flexibility, a sports massage is extremely effective at preventing injuries. The benefits of this type of massage tend to be cumulative. It’s therefore best to have several sessions in order to reap the benefits.

Meanwhile, our physiotherapy treatments can help restore function and movement if you’ve been affected by an injury. Our specially trained and regulated practitioners will take a full case history, then tailor sessions to suit your needs. Treatment plans might include manual therapy techniques to help reduce pain and stiffness including deep tissue massage and joint articulation.

Along with our treatments, we offer expert lifestyle advice to keep your recovery on-track.

If you’re looking to have a sports massage in Wandsworth, please contact our team today.