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We can recommend and supply a wide range of orthotics under 3 categories: 

1. Off the shelf – These are the most economical way of making adjustments to your gait or footwear but are off the shelf and basic. 

2. Semi Bespoke -Here, we take an off the shelf orthotic, and we add to and/or cut away from it to make a semi-bespoke insert. 

3. Bespoke -Coming in a little more expensive, but they are completely bespoke to your needs, lightweight, with the option for different footwear and will last years. 

Foot-scan and Orthotics

Our foot-scans are conducted on a pressure plate with over 4000 pressure sensors reading your movements at a rate of 300 times per second. Working with PHITS we are able to produce custom orthotics for a broad range of purposes.

  • Daily use in work shoes or trainers. 
  • Running or Walking
  • Football or Rugby Boots 
  • Golf
  • Skiing or Snowboarding
  • Cycling​

Our scan protocol consists of 3 phases:

1: A snapshot of you standing in neutral, this shows us your centre of gravity, and weight bearing pattern. 

2: A reading over time of your static standing. This shows your balance and postural sway, we also see how much your centre of gravity sways when stood still. 

3: An active scan, during this you walk up and down, over the pressure plate where we collect a number of live readings, take an average and get and understanding of your gait. 

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