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Can I Bring a Chaperone
If you wish to have someone present during your treatment, you are welcome to bring a friend or relative.
Osteopaths Training and Qualifications
Undergraduate osteopathy students can follow a four-year full time or five year part-time course that involves combining academic work, technique classes and over 1000 hours of clinical  practise. Osteopaths will qualify with a Masters degree in osteopathy MOst, BSc (Hons), Bachelors in osteopathy BOst. Prior to this a DO (diploma in osteopathy) was awarded but has now been overpassed university awarded degrees.

After graduating osteopaths are required to do 30 hours of CPD (continual professional development) each year. This can consist of self-study, attending workshops, courses or seminars. This ensures we are kept up to date with current research, treatment protocols and techniques.
How many treatments will I need
The number of treatments varies depending on the conditions and the person being treated. We aim to keep appointments to a minimum. We look to see if treatment is making a change. We may recommend long term maintenance treatments are regular intervals, depending on the individual and their lifestyle; this could range from once a month to once every six months.
Does it hurt?
Some techniques may cause some discomfort during treatment. We, of course, try to keep this to a minimum. We will tell you what to expect, and do let us know if you are in pain. You may feel a little sore after treatment; this is a healthy and normal reaction. 
Do I need to see my GP first?
If privately paying for your treatment, you do not have to see your GP first. However, some insurance companies require you to get referred from your GP first. 
What if i need to cancel my appointment

We do have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Late cancellation or no show appointments will be charged in full. If you need to cancel an appointment for any reason, please contact us as soon as possible via email or call 0203 488 9377

do you take medical insurance?
We work with many insurers please contact us to find out more. To name a few, Bupa International, Vitality, Aviva, Cigna, WPA, Healix, AXA.  

Mummy Mot FAQ's

How Long is a Mummy MOT® assessment?
The initial consultation can take up to an hour. It may take longer depending on your situation and symptoms. Follow up times will be discussed with you. 
How long should i wait after i give Birth?

It is recommended that women have an initial assessment after their six to eight weeks GP check, but we also treat women who gave birth yeas ago that may still have a tummy gap or related pelvic floor issues. 

Can I have a Mummy Mot® assessment before or during pregnancy?
Of course. You can have a Mummy MOT assessment at any time. However please be aware that if you are pregnant, an internal pelvic floor examination will not occur until at least six week following giving birth. 
What should I expect from my Assessment?
During your assessment we will ask you to perform a series of basic movements like bending forward and squatting, so we can see how you move. Make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothes that are flexible and easy to move around in. Your assessment includes an internal pelvic floor examination and you will be required to remove the bottom half of your clothing. You will be asked to sign a consent form or give a verbal agreement before the examination take place.   We are here to listen, assess and deliver to you a working diagnosis alongside a recovery plan. I you have any questions or additional needs, just call the clinic or email. samantha@phoenixosteopathy.com 
Do I have to undress?

You assessment includes an internal pelvic floor examination and you will be required to remove the bottom half of your clothing. You will be asked to sign a consent form or give verbal agreement before the examination takes place. 

I had my baby years ago- can i still have a Mummy MOT®?

Absolutely! The Mummy MOT is for all women who have given birth and still suffering in some way. The sooner you make an appointment, the sooner your symptoms and issues will be alleviated. But it’s never too late to make an appointment. 

Can I bring someone (such as a spouse or partner ) With Me?
You are welcome to have the support of a loved one to attend part or all of your examination with you. 
Can I bring my baby With Me?
It is preferred that you make arrangements for childcare during your appointment. However we understand that this may be difficult and we can make exceptions if leaving them is impossible, just call the clinic or email samantha@phoenixosteopathy.com to discuss your needs. 
What is the pelvic Floor?

The pelvic floor is made up of deep and superficial layers that form the hammock found in the base of our pelvis. The pelvic floor is part of our deep core and has many important functions including bladder and bowel control, sexual function and pelvic organ support (e.g. bowel, bladder and uterus.)

Do I need a referral or should i see my GP first?
No, you do not need a physician or consultant referral. 
I have a question that's not answered here, can you help?
Absolutely, please fill out the form here.

Our prices


  • Initial Consultation (45 mins) - £72
  • Follow-up (30 mins) - £62
  • Extended Follow-up (45 mins) - £80
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Sports Massage

  • 30 Minutes - £52
  • 45 Minutes - £62
  • 60 Minutes - £72
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Mummy MOT

  • Initial Appointment (60 mins) - £120
  • Follow-up appointment (30 mins) - £65
  • Follow-up appointment (45 mins) - £95
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Custom Orthotics

  • Initial Scan - £ 49
  • Custom Bespoke Orthotics - £249
  • Orthotic Refurbishing - £POA
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  • Initial Consultation (60 mins) - £90
  • Follow-up appointment - £65
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