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Improve your training and recovery for your big event

Our Are you  taking part in an event like the London Marathon or Prudential Ride London? Our Clinic in Wandsworth may be the perfect aid to your training and recovery. If your training is increasing in intensity, are you programming  in enough focus on recovery and injury prevention.  Get help for your marathon training injury.

At Phoenix Osteopathy, we provide gait scans with a footscan device and we can advise on which footwear to buy to help  you feel comfortable whilst you running distance increases. We can also scan for cycling shoes, and create orthotics for both cycling cleats and running shoes. We have a partnership with   for a code giving you 10% off site wide and free delivery.  Feel free to Contact-Us for the discount code. 

Helping you achieve optimal levels of performance. 

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We also offer sports massage which is a great addition to one’s recovery. It helps flush toxins, improves blood flow, and can help break down car tissue. We recommend a sports massage when you are injury free and looking for that little extra edge to stay ahead of the game. 

Our Wandsworth Common clinic, located just down the road from Balham, Tooting and Clapham offers osteopathy, physiotherapy and massage appointments. 

The osteopathy and physiotherapy are best suited to someone with an injury or niggle . The appointment covers a full case history, assessment, examination and treatment, followed by tailored exercises and homework to take away with you. The sports massage is best when things are generally all good, but the bodies workload is increasing.