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If you don’t want a sports injury to put you out of action this summer, simply get in touch with our clinic.

Supporting people with a range of injuries, Phoenix Osteopathy is dedicated to helping you stay in peak condition. Since we’re based in Wandsworth, we’re ideal for anyone in nearby Tooting or Balham seeking this type of treatment.

Sports massages are full-on, deep tissue massages and help aid the recovery of many types of soft tissue injuries.

Massage is also brilliant for improving flexibility and preventing common injuries that can occur in popular sports like tennis, football and rugby.

The therapist works deep into the muscles, breaking down scar tissue and connective tissue while flushing away toxins.

Osteopathy In Tooting

Sports massages are also ideal for anybody suffering from back or neck pain due to sitting at a desk too long,  an increasingly common problem for people all over the UK doing deskwork for 8 hours a day. Regular sessions can increase your joint mobility and flexibility, along with reducing the risk of injury during exercise

Our sport massages in Tooting deploy a variety of techniques to rehabilitate you, including trigger pointing, stretching, cross-fibre and deep tissue massage . These will always be tailored to your needs. Phoenix Osteopathy wants you to feel completely refreshed when leaving our clinic.

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