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People may need orthotics for a number of reasons...

People may required orthotics for a  number of reasons. Orthotics a prescribed devices, designed to wear in your shoe to help correct biomechanical issues. These could be issues with the way one stands, walks or runs. 

Orthotics can also be used to help foot pain caused by conditions such as, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, Mortons neuroma, osteoarthritis. 

Custom orthotics can be used to improve stability, correct a leg length discrepancy, offset high pressure points. They can affect balance, centre of gravity and generally improve lower limb, ankle and foot function. 

Our clinic regularly prescribes orthotics to help people struggling with a range of conditions, including lower back pain, arthritis and sports injuries as well as a mode of lower limb injury prevention. 

If you’re unsure whether orthotics may benefit you, please get in contact for more information.  

We can carry out a full assessment before deciding whether a bespoke orthotic is suitable for you. 


Our Assessment Process

Initial Consultation

Our expert clinicians will take a medical and injury case history followed by a hands on clinical examination looking at strength, range of movements, areas of pain. 

FootScan Analysis

We then get you to complete the footscan assessment. This has 3 stages. A standing posture, balance and dynamic gait reading. Collecting this data allows us to identify  area that are over or underworking, asymmetries and other issues. 

Scan data analysis

Your clinician will talk through your footscan data and analysis and suggest the most suitable treatment pathway. This might include orthotics. 

Design Process

There are a few options available for different shoe types, football or rugby boots, formal shoes, running shoes, cycling shoes. With a number of finishes for the cushioned layer. Together with your clinician these options can be selected. 

The orthotic is then designed, and can be double checked by a Gait and Motion Specialist.


3D Print Manufacturing

Once happy with the design, the prescription will be 3D printed to meet your exact specifications by using the footscan and prescription data.

Enjoying your next Steps

Finally, after a quality check, we will contact you to return to clinic to try and collect your orthotics. We will discuss how to gradually wear them in, giving your feet and body the perfect foundation to every step. 

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